Literature is an excellent tool for equipping folk and helping them to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We endeavour to use opportunities to obtain and distribute Christian literature on various topics that can give folk access to solid Bible teaching applied to life situations.

This has also extended to ‘audio literature’ in the form of distributing disks of audio sermons as well as audio sermons and devotional messages on hand held audio Solar Player called the “Pocket Preacher”.


Over a decade of living cross culturally has enabled God to open our eyes to more than we ever expected.  It has also enabled opportunities to benefit from discussion and interaction in the context of trusted relationships, about what we observed and experienced.

The result has been a growing and fruitful process of research into the impact of Honour and Shame in the African culture. This is an extremely important aspect of life that seems to have been largely overlooked in Christian ministry, yet also seems to be critically significant in ensuring a correct perspective of the cultural influence on Biblical understanding.  A multi-cultural ‘team’ has been working with us in ongoing research as well as beginning to write and publish Christian literature which takes into account the Honour/Shame dynamic. These materials are being used for more effective and properly contextualised evangelism and discipleship.

This has developed into the establishment of the ‘S.H.I.N.E. Africa Project’ - Shame, Honour, Identity - Newly Explained. as a banner under which this ministry can be identified.

For further information on this, check out our blog.


We are both involved in discipleship and mentoring about 10 people between us. This takes quite a lot of time in preparation and the actual sessions, and has its joys and disappointments. “Hanging in there” for the long haul with folk is what it is all about. Again we are encouraged to see God at work in the lives of these individuals as they mature and grow in Christ.

Andrew is involved with mentoring several Christians in business, helping them to ‘Do Business, God’s Way’.

Over the years through Corporate Chaplaincy and one-on-one interaction we have both been involved in coming alongside those who may be struggling with issues in their lives.  This has provided an opportunity to provide Biblical Counselling and it has been a joy to see God at work restoring and building marriages, families and individuals so that they bring glory to God.

An email based ministry has begun called SELAH, that encourages and challenges folk to  ‘Pause’ in the busyness of life to think on good and Godly things.  Sandra has also begun a special periodic email for women called ‘SELAH WOW - Women of the Word’.


Over the years we have, by request, been able to conduct various workshops/seminars on subjects such as Worship and Sunday School Teaching.  As well as helping a Sunday School develop a life skills camp for 10-15yr olds. Sandra has contributed articles and editorial help to a couple of local Christian magazines.  She has also been involved with writing and teaching a course for women called “Beautiful Women”. This course encourages women to develop beauty on the inside and out.

There have also been many other opportunities to write and teach seminars in the Corporate sector on dealing with workplace issues such as Time and Stress Management from a biblical perspective.