Greetings from Botswana. We are excited to share with you the open doors for ministry in Botswana. God is building His church and it is a great joy to be used by Him as He works out His eternal plan.

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About The Freemans

We are a part of Open Baptist Church in Gaborone, Botswana

Hertford Street Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia is our sending church.

Our overseeing body is the Not-for-Profit Christian ministry organisation “LogosLife International Inc”

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Facts on Botswana

1.About the size of Texas, USA or New South Wales, Australia

2.Landlocked in the centre of the southern area of Africa

3.Mostly Kalahari Desert

4.A stable democracy and peaceful, racially harmonious country

5.A very hot and dry climate in summer

6.Population of about 2 million with many people living in the capital city Gaborone  (80% of the population live in urban areas)

7.Produces 1/3 of the worlds diamonds

8.Great tourist destination for fantastic viewing of African wildlife -  from Elephants to Flamingos!

9.Capital city: – Gaborone – in the south east 20 minutes from the South African border

10.HIV & AIDS – official prevalence rates vary depending on the target group – overall population is said to be 17.6%; among 30-44yr olds is about 40%.  (stats sourced from 2008 Botswana AIDS Impact Survey III)

11.According to ‘Operation World’ although about 80% identify as “Christian” on a census, only about 8% would be associated with an evangelical church (which is the lowest % of evangelical Christians of any Southern African country). It is a country with its HIV problems worsened by a high level of alcohol abuse and a breakdown in family life.

Facts on our ministry

  1. 1. We serve as volunteer missionaries in the Capital City, Gaborone.

  2. 2. Our ministry has been varied over the years but has had an ongoing focus on Discipleship and Literature.

  3. 3. We currently are involved in:

  4. Mentoring/discipling many folk on a one-on-one basis several of whom we have had the joy of leading to Christ for salvation.

  5. Distribution of the ‘Challenge - the Good News Paper’ across the country.

  6. Andrew mentors several Christians in Business to help them ‘do business God’s way’.

  7. Over the past few years a great part of our ministry hours are spent in research on the topic of Honour and Shame, and the role it plays in the society around us and the resulting impact on the understanding and application of the gospel.

  8. We are beginning to produce and publish gospel literature tailor-made to the African Honour/Shame thinker, so as to more effectively allow the Truth of God’s word to impact the heart motives of people and not just the seen external behaviour.                                                                                   (take a look at the Ministries page for more info and photos)


  1. 4. Our Australian Sending Church is Hertford St Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia and we praise the Lord for such a supportive home church.

  2. 5. The church we are involved in here in Botswana is the Open Baptist Church of Gaborone, where about 1200 people from 37 nationalities attend over 3 services of a Sunday. Our Senior Pastor is Norman Schaefer.  It has been an extra joy to have he and his wife Gabi come in 2005, as Norman was also Andrew’s pastor as a teenager in South Africa, and had baptised him many years ago.  It is exciting to be part of the body of Christ as Open Baptist Church makes great effort to influence this nation of Botswana for Jesus Christ including their “Face the Nation” program reaching students with a biblical answer to the HIV/AIDS crisis. (see )




- son of missionary parents and grew up in Africa

- worked in the Christian book trade and in Catering

- enjoys cooking, reading, gardening

- prior ministry – Sunday School, Boys Brigade, kids clubs, short term missions


 - grew up in Brisbane, Australia

  1. -began nursing training before contracting a virus and developing ME/CFIDS,

  2. -worked part-time in the medical field

- enjoys sewing, reading, gardening, writing

- prior ministry – Girls Brigade, Sunday School, Church Library

            - in the last few years has battled the health condition of POTS, this has severely limited her life to being mostly horizontal with mobility assisted by a recliner wheelchair, and ministry assisted by a laptop computer! 

We arrived in Botswana, Africa as a couple in 2001 to serve the Lord and the people, through literature retail.  Our ministry has continued mainly in the area of discipleship/equipping through literature and other media. The ministry has grown to include mentoring/counseling, chaplaincy and cultural research focusing on the impact of Honour and Shame.


We currently have no biological children (it seems God has had other plans for us), but enjoy trying to keep up to date with our 3 nephews and 7 nieces spread between Australia and the USA.  God has challenged and blessed us however, with a few local young people who call us their mum and dad. We have been privileged to have significant input into their lives.  It is a joy to receive Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards, sms’s and hugs from them. They are all adults now, and although some of them have lived with us at different times, they are now all living out on their own.  We have even graduated to the positions of Granny and Pa to our first African grand-child.


Facts on us!